Confirmed By Customer

Visualization overlay for coverage maps based on information confirmed by customers.

Project Details

Based on real measurements from customers using various speed & quality test services we created aggregated layers with hexagonal grids for multiple zoom levels, also indicating the available on-site technology.

After being imported from different 3rd party sources in an automatic manner data is converted into a convenient and easy to handle format. We make sure that possible additional sources are quickly integrated in both the formatting process and the subsequent cleaning and data analysis.

Based on the aforementioned convenient format all samples have to undergo several rigorous plausibility checks – only data passing all test levels are considered in the sequel.

The remaining data is grouped in hexagonal bins of user-definable size (being determined by the user’s zoom level into the map) and summaries of the quantities of interest are calculated. The delay from the time the measurement took place till its visibility within the hexagonal bin only depends on the actual availability of the data source.

Implementation at T-Mobile Austria developed the underlying hexagonal grids of different sizes as well as the information per bin. Whenever new measurements arrive, the summary per hexagonal bin is updated, new hexes (in case of measurements not being contained in already existing bins) are added and integrated in the current coverage maps by WigeoGis.

This implementation uses elements of our standard data services.
We’d like to hear from you and get to know your requirements.

Copyright and Use

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Map visualization in cooperation with WiGeoGis.